Sanjay T. Bhat, M.D., P.C.

Testimonials from our Patients

Thank you for your expert care, Dr. Bhat. You and the staff at SCOPES are the TOPS! God Bless!

Colleen F.

We are so grateful for your kindness and concern for us. We were disappointed that we missed your call and the opportunity to talk to you personally. The message was greatly appreciated. We have such respect for your integrity and glad we found you.

Mary and Charlie F.

Dr. Bhat took the time to listen to me and answered all my questions without making me feel rushed. He explained everything thoroughly. The staff was comforting and patient with my anxiety, and the whole procedure was very organized and professional. I would definitely recommend Dr. Bhat.

Tammy B. via Google review

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Dear Dr.Bhat,

Thank you for your attention to detail, your concern, and your clear prep instructions for my colonoscopy.

I did call my patient adviser and completed the screening process.

I also spoke with a nurse anesthetist about all my medications and was given specific instructions on what to take & when, as well as what not to take.

Both the patient adviser and N.A. were very thorough, helpful, polite, clear, professional & kind.

Thank you as well for being comprehensive in your attention and care of my diagnostic needs.

I am very confident in your level of care.


Charles O.

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Dear Dr. Bhat

Just a note to say "thank you" for your wonderful medical care that I receive from you and your staff.

I really appreciate the ladies in your office for being so thoughtful and compassionate and always helpful.

It is also nice to have a doctor who has a sense of humor.

A Happy Patient,

Tina H.

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Dear Dr. Bhat,

Just to let you know that I am glad I had the operation to remove part of my Sigmoid colon in November.

As you know, I went through a long time of suffering with cramps and diarrhea, but I worried about having that kind of surgery. Well, my life was interrupted too much so I finally agreed to have it done and I have been feeling great and am back to my active life.

I have to admit that you were right.

Thank you.



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Dr. Bhat,

I wanted to thank you for all you have done for me. I had suffered for so long with horrible gastrointestinal issues until I became so dehydrated I ended up at St. Anthony’s.

Before being admitted, I had been to several doctors at another hospital that offered no hope other than “change your diet”, it’s “IBS”, etc.

The day you walked into my hospital room changed my life, literally! You immediately ordered tests & while doing a colonoscopy (which turned out just fine), you took some routine biopsies. I say, “routine” because you routinely do biopsies but most others do not.

Because you are so thorough, Lymphocytic Colitis was found in the biopsies. You put me on the correct medications and within TWO WEEKS, I had my life back.

From being basically unable to leave the house to a normal life was something I had to get used to again. I cannot believe how lucky I was to have my doctor call you for a consult that day, I know I would not be cured if not for you.

There are no words to properly thank you for being the kind of doctor you are. Some doctors treat you like an insurance claim, you treat your patients (even someone like me, who you had never met before) like you were treating a family member. Everyone who inquires about my health hears about you and the fabulous way you treat your patients.

Thank you, Dr. Bhat. I don’t know what I’d do with you!!


Maria E.

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I have suffered with digestive problems for several years but was getting nowhere with medication treatment. After I learned that I had been diagnosed with multiple lacerations in my stomach and esophagus one year before (and was not told), I switched to Dr. Bhat.

Dr. Bhat performed an endoscopy, confirmed that the ulcers were now healed, but also listened and understood that I had continued to suffer problems with swallowing and digestion. He referred me to another specialist for surgery that I am now recovering from. He referred me because of the specific surgery that requires someone who does that surgery frequently and has good outcomes.

I really appreciated the fact that Dr. Bhat is confident in the skills in which he specializes but knows to refer when someone with different skills is required. I found him to be easy to communicate with and he took my needs and concerns into account, something that too few physicians seem to do today.

Sara B.

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Dear Dr. Bhat and staff,

Thank you again for a great experience with my periodic colonoscopy. The warmth and professionalism you all show is outstanding. I recommend you with pride all the time!


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“Dear Dr. Bhat,

Thank you for your outstanding professionalism and your excellent bedside manners. I really appreciate your kindness and understanding, the way you handled my anxiety that stemmed from my previous painful memory of my last colonoscopy (done elsewhere). I wish a happy New Year to you and your family.
Thanks again.


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“Dear Dr. Bhat and staff,

I am writing to thank you for the recent care you provided for me. Your calm demeanor and confidence helped put me at ease. You took a great deal of time with me, never made me feel rushed, and answered all of my questions thoroughly. Your staff was friendly, helpful, and encouraging as well.

Overall, my experience in your medical office was first-rate and I would not hesitate to share that and recommend your service to others. I truly appreciate the fact that you quickly fit me into your schedule and my procedure was fast, efficient, and much easier than I'd anticipated.

Thank you for all that you do for me and your patients. It is so nice to be treated so well by a true professional and his wonderful staff. If I have future medical concerns, I won't hesitate to come back and see you.

Todd R.”

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“I am a long time patient of Dr. Bhat's, and would like to share my feelings about his practice. I would refer anyone in my family or friends and acquaintances to him. His entire staff is wonderful in helping you understand all the procedures and aiding in any way to help you. I've been through a lot physically and mentally and without the help from Dr. Bhat and his staff I'd be in great stress.

I know sometimes a long wait in the waiting room can be frustrating but it's worth it when you know you're not being rushed in your visits and that he truly cares about your well-being. That little extra effort and time he gives you is more than worth the wait.

This practice of care is sometimes rare and you get this great care from him and the staff all the time.

A long time patient, Linda W”

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“Thank you for being you

“I am so fortunate you were on my case. Surgery was avoided. My pain and suffering has ended, with the exception of accidental gluten intake, my condition is manageable. Not just for your diagnosis, but for the time you took to educate me about my condition.

I can not express to you how grateful I am for putting the quality back in my life. If it hadn't been for your diagnosis, the last 15 months would have been no different than the previous 4 years (full of pain and frustration).

With deepest gratitude,
Sharon K.”

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Letter to President of St. Anthony's Hospital:

“This letter is sent to acknowledge to you what a valuable asset Dr. Sanjay Bhat is to St. Anthony's Medical Center. Dr. Bhat referred me to a surgeon at Washington University who performed a duodenectomy. After a short period of time, I was feeling gravely ill. I went to see the surgeon several times to no avail. Fourteen months had passed and I had lost 80 pounds. I then made an appointment to see Dr. Bhat who saw me immediately and took control of the situation. He performed a colonoscopy, endoscopy, cat scan [sic] and upper GI series. Dr. Bhat discovered a blockage and after much persuasion, Dr. Bhat convinced the surgeon that there was a major problem that needed to be addressed. The surgeon was finally convinced and performed a revision surgery. Dr. Bhat is to be commended for saving my life.


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“Dear Dr. Bhat,

When I entered St. Anthony’s Hospital emergency room last May, I was very apprehensive. I was used to dealing with small town Illinois doctors and relatively small Illinois hospitals. Since neither of them had been able to suppress my discomfort, I made the decision to travel across the river. St. Anthony’s immediately assigned me an internist who decided it would be best if I made an appointment with you.

Besides being extremely nervous upon arriving for my first visit, I was somewhat upset when I learned that I was a day late and you were not in your St. Anthony’s office on Tuesdays. Fortunately, one of your staff (I believe her name is Bonnie) went out of her way to contact the staff at your South City office to get me an immediate appointment.

I commented to my wife upon returning home after my first visit about how much I appreciated your professionalism and sincere concern for my abdominal problems. Needless to say, it made my subsequent visits and lab tests less stressful.

The main reason for this letter, though, stems from your actions following my colonoscopy. No one need look very far in the media to hear horror stories about how insurance administrated medicine has caused doctors to show less and less concern for patients. You disproved that theory for me. When you showed me the initial laboratory report concerning what form of colitis I supposedly suffered from, I was unhappy to say the least. The chronic colitis that the pathologist diagnosed meant a lifetime of discomfort and medicine for me.

However, when you also showed me the correspondence that you delivered to the pathologist, I was extremely impressed. It meant a lot to me that after reviewing the pathological results yourself; you noticed what you thought might be something to change the diagnosis. Fortunately, the pathologist, upon further review, agreed and I was able to be treated with antibiotics for a campylobacter infection of the colon.

As a fifth grade teacher, I see 120 ten and eleven year-olds every day. They are old enough to see the cynicism that exists in today’s society. That is why I wanted to make you aware of the fact that following my diagnosis and subsequent treatment, I went straight back into the classroom and informed my students of how much I appreciated you going out of your way to review the lab results. Your courage to question another professional’s findings meant a much quicker end to my discomfort. I tell my students that they should always have reasons for what they believe. I gave them a reason to believe that there are still doctors whose main value is getting their patients well again.

Thank you,
Scott H.”

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“Dear Dr. Bhat:

Thank you so much for your help. I spent 10 months in pain. I was a regular at the emergency room. I saw 2 different gastroenterologists and underwent so many tests I lost track. I was given some very expensive medicine but still the attacks continued.

I had two different clients who did not know each other recommend you. I spoke to my internist about changing doctors and he recommended that I not change doctors in the middle of my treatment.

The last time I saw my prior gastroenterologist she was at a loss and stated that it must be adhesions. I had the surgery even though my surgeon did not think this would correct the problem. I had hope. I went through what turned out to be a major surgery only to have an attack 3 weeks later. That is when I called your office and made my appointment.

It will soon be a year since my first appointment. You changed my medicine and I have only had one very minor attack since. I thought I was going to lose my mind. I was in pain almost every day and everyone kept telling me that they did not know what was wrong with me. Thank you for believing me and providing a treatment that has given me my life back.


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“This is a note to tell you how much we can't thank Dr. Sanjay T. Bhat enough for all he has done to help my husband [R.R.]. My husband was in E.R. and then admitted to the hospital in November 2005. With the help of the hospital staff and Dr. Bhat he found the probelm and corrected it. My husband had follow-up on 4-5-06 and is doing quite well.

Again we can not thank your staff and Dr. Bhat enough.


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“I never thanked you for the excellent care I received from you. I remember the first time I came to your office, in 1997. My stomach was giving me so much trouble. I called from work many times and received excellent care over the phone. Each time you helped me with the nausea, and other problems until the relief came. Much to my relief, I found the best. I will always say you're the best. Also I will always recommend you to everyone. I guess the years speak for my trust in you, it has been 10 years and you're still the best Dr. [sic]

Patient of 10 Years”

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“I have had a lot of stomach problems since 1991. I went to a gastro doctor in Belleville Illinois when I started having these problems and had tests and was diagnosed as Irritable Bowel syndrome. So the doctor said watch what you eat stay away from Caffeine and chocolate and fried foods etc. So I did and nothing changed. I wasn't happy with that so I lived with this problem for about 7 or 8 more years. I decided to have another opinion and went to another gastro doctor in St Louis Missouri and went thru the same test and had the same diagnosis and the same things were said stay away from caffeine and chocolate and fried foods. I finally decided I was going to have to live with my problem. I could go out and about but always had to be near a restroom or just not eat at all.

This past April my husband said to find another opinion, he said there has to be help out there. With all the different medications on the market there has to be something out there to help me with my situation. So I called my primary Physician and asked about another gastro doctor he would recommend. I wasn't happy with the results I have been given in the past. So he recommended Dr. S. Bhat. I made an appointment and came to Dr. Bhat. He came into the room and asked me what he could do for me. I said I need help with my stomach issues. So he said "there is help for you, but he would like to run a test or two to make the correct diagnosis". I went thru the Colonoscopy and blood test. Then he gave me the results after the test and quickly started me on a medicine and the other over the counter medicine since I had the test in the beginning of April. Had a follow-up visit no too long ago and I was so very happy to tell Dr. Bhat I had been on a trip with my family and I could eat before the trip, during the trip, and while I was on the trip and didn't have any problems at all. My family was very happy and so was I. This past week and half I have been on 3 different trips and have been eating and have had no problems. I am so happy now and so thankful that my husband talked me into going for another opinion.

Dr Bhat has the greatest staff. They are willing to take calls from patients and help them out. I haven't been treated like this in a very long time when it comes to a physician and office personnel.

Julie P.”

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“Dear Dr. Bhat,

I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful care you have always provided to me and several members of my family. Your concern goes over and above what most physicians provide. I'd also like to say a BIG thatnks to Mendy for checking to see if I needed samples of my medication due to the high cost. You and your staff are outstanding!

Lisa U.”

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