Sanjay T. Bhat, M.D., P.C.

Time to Expect More!

What to expect during your initial appointment and office visits

Your visit to our office will start with filling out patient information forms. (Forms are available on this website; if possible, please download and fill them out before your appointment.)

I will ask you to describe, in your own words, your gastrointestinal symptoms, and accordingly, I will try to find out what is going on. The more information I get, the better.

The history will be followed by a comprehensive physical examination. First, I will perform a thorough abdominal examination to get information about your condition. Do you have any pain? Do you have a mass? Do you have any problems with your bowel sounds? and much more. Your active cooperation is encouraged.

I will then perform a thorough heart and lung examination. This is very important since this examination will determine your risk for any procedures and whether you may need antibiotics prior to procedures. Do you have abnormal heart or lung sounds? Do you have a murmur? and much more. Did you know that sometimes heart and lung problems can present as upper stomach symptoms?

"Because of my confidence in Dr. Bhat, I have referred many family members and friends to him. Never has there been a complaint by a personal referral. They have all been pleased. As an example of his thoroughness, he identified a heart murmur in my mother's pre-procedure visit. Prophylactic antibiotics were ordered, avoiding potential complications with life-threatening consequences. He places his patients and their safety first. Isn't that the purpose of a thorough doctor?"

Sue G, GI nurse

The evaluation continues with looking for jaundice, pale skin, rash and other relevant findings.

Decisions are then taken on procedures if necessary. Throughout this comprehensive process my intent is to provide the best possible medical care and I will do my best to use my expertise to help you.

"I would be remiss if I failed to mention that Dr. Bhat made a remarkable diagnosis of eosinophilic esophagitis without the benefit of immediate pathological confirmation. Indeed, the pathological specimen did confirm his diagnosis, and treatment continues to be a success."

Tim M, School principal

I will continue to closely work with you and other physicians working with you so that you get the best possible care.

"The main reason for this letter though stems from your actions following my colonoscopy. No one need look very far in the media to hear horror stories about how insurance administered medicine has caused doctors to show less and less concern for patients. You disproved that theory for me. When you showed me the initial laboratory report concerning what form of colitis I supposedly suffered from, I was unhappy to say the least. The chronic colitis that the pathologist diagnosed meant a lifetime of discomfort and medicine for me.

However, when you also showed me the correspondence that you delivered to the pathologist, I was extremely impressed. It meant a lot to me that after reviewing the pathological results yourself; you noticed what you thought might be something to change the diagnosis. Fortunately, the pathologist, upon further review, agreed and I was able to be treated with antibiotics for a campylobacter infection of the colon.

As a fifth grade teacher, I see 120 ten and eleven year-olds everyday. They are old enough to see the cynicism that exists in today's society. That is why I wanted to make you aware of the fact that following my diagnosis and subsequent treatment, I went straight back into the classroom and informed my students of how much I appreciated you going out of your way to review the lab results. Your courage to question another professional's findings meant a much quicker end to my discomfort.

I tell my students that they should always have reasons for what they believe. I gave them a reason to believe that there are still doctors whose main value is getting their parents well again."

Scott H, Schoolteacher

My goal and the goal of my office staff is to help you the best we can and to explain the process every step of the way. A satisfied patient is our ultimate goal.

Please call 314.729.1717 and we will help you.

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